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27 June 2009

Replacement New Email Icon Notification for Outlook

The little icon that you can have show up in the notification area of the taskbar (a.k.a. the tray) when you receive new email in Outlook is not always so convenient. If you receive mail into a folder that's different than the default Inbox, it doesn't work so well.

Using AutoHotkey, I made a little EXE application that pops a pretty envelope icon and plays the New Email sound specified in the Sounds control panel (provided it is in the default %SYSTEMROOT%\Media folder). It even has a neat-o tooltip with the time mail was received.

To use: Put OutlookNoti.exe anywhere and make or revise a rule in Outlook that involves starting the application when mail arrives. That's it!

It's freeware. Enjoy!


System Requirements:
It should work with most versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows, but post a comment below if there's an issue.

Removing "Near Me" Group from AIM Buddy List

"Near Me" is a so-called smart group, and it cannot be removed like other groups (apparently). You can delete the group from this page:

Thanks to openaimsupport