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27 July 2009

An Easy Way to Improve Security in IE

The Hazards of MIME Sniffing

Bottom line:
As a user you can go into security settings for the Internet Zone and switch off the “Open files based on content, not extension” option.

19 July 2009

Outlook Junk Email Filtering with Non-Cached Exchange Account

Junk Email filtering in Outlook only works when there is a default PST or OST data file, and then it works only on email delivered to the Inbox. Therefore, if you have a server rule that moves mail to other folders, spam will not be filtered. Instead, have rules that move messages be client-based by including the condition, "On this machine only". That way, Outlook's Junk Email filtering will be active before rules to move messages from the default Inbox take effect.

In addition (or alternatively), you can enable server-based Junk Email filtering within Options of Outlook Web Access.