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02 September 2007

A Warmer Display: Adjusting the White Point in Windows

Mac OS X has a very good display configuration utility that allows you to set the white point or gamma for a warmer, yellow-y white on your screen. The effect is a screen that is easier on the eyes (although graphics specialists might have special requirements).

Setting the white point or gamma on a Windows PC seems nearly impossible. The ICM color management is really no help whatsoever. There is no good utility to simply make ICM profiles. Even if there were, they're awkward to apply.

However, your graphics card or chipset might have a utility included for adjusting certain display settings. The Intel GMA Driver for Mobile, for example, has a color correction feature. For a warmer screen, downward adjust the contrast for blue only. Blue is the enemy of yellow. By decreasing the contrast for blue (as opposed to saturation, etc.), there will still be plenty of blue on your screen, but at higher intensities blue will be less emphasized. Check your Control Panel for a special graphics card adjustment utility that you might not have even realized you had. Color settings might also/instead be available within the Display control panel.

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