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08 May 2008

Uninstall a Service

If you want to delete/uninstall/remove a Windows service, perhaps left from an incomplete installer, you can use the sc command from an Administrator control prompt: sc delete [servicename]


  1. Oh thank the gods... you really saved me here, man.

    I was stuck in a really bizarre loop, where the MS SQL Server service didn't start because the folder with its executable was missing, but the installer didn't install the folder because the service was there, and the uninstaller seemed to skip the uninstall of the service after not finding the folder.

    Removing the SQL services manually solved my problem. Thank you :)

  2. you're a life saver. used this method to get rid of a websphere install. same re-install deadlock as described above with directory missing but service still there

  3. Thank you!! I was having a hell of a time getting rid of an Apache Tomcat service so I could reinstall.

  4. Thank u... atlast im out of this deadlock :)

  5. Thank you very much, I saw this when I was about to give up. I ppreciate and it saved me hey. Thanx lots


  6. Thanks from me too... worked great!


  7. Saved my bacon this morning, great tip! Thanks for posting this.