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29 December 2008

QuickArchive: More About Gmail-like Archive in Outlook

Expanding upon this earlier post, I started using AutoHotkey so that Shift Right-Clicking a message in Outlook archives it and Ctrl Right-Clicking deletes it. To do so, I changed the toolbar name for the ArchiveSelected macro to "&QuickArchive" (without quotes). An ampersand in a toolbar item name underlines the following character so that the button may be "clicked" via a keyboard shortcut: in this case Alt-Q. Why "Q"? Well, every other letter I tried was already taken by a menu or another toolbar item.

Then, I added the following to my main AHK script:
#IfWinActive ahk_class rctrl_renwnd32
Send {Click}
Send !q
Send {Click}
Send ^d

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